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Today’s technology advisor must be dynamic and innovative in order to support business growth. Increasingly, single-vendor networking solutions, like those from Cisco, are unable to keep up with the pace of innovation being driven by trends in the overall marketplace.

Cisco vs Ruckus Access Point performance test chart

The chart above shows the results of the throughput test (performed by Syracuse University’s CCENT) for long range connection where the client is located 105 feet away from the AP. As you can see, the revolutionary design of the Ruckus antenna allows you to have a better performance over long distance connections which can help your company achieve more.The Cisco vs Ruckus comparison shows almost 50% better performance for Ruckus Access Points in the throughput test. Some other benefits include:

  • Multimedia Explosion – Video and voice media is increasingly being put onto networks originally built for low-bandwidth data.  Cisco’s solution to add capacity by installing more access points and upgrading controller hardware actually has the opposite desired effect: more access points increase WiFi interference as well as apply pressure on already-constrained IT budgets.
  • BYOD – Organizations expect their workforce to be able to work from anywhere and with increasingly disparate hardware– even within the office.  Saying, “we don’t support iPads” is no longer an option.  Cisco administrators face an uncomfortable choice: cumbersome manual effort vs. lowering of internal security policy.
  • Platform Independence – Businesses want to use the tools that best suit their needs – Microsoft, Apple or Google; Doesn’t matter as long as it works.  Cisco’s focus is on network switching and routing technologies in its enterprise client-base, this means they are lagging when it comes to innovation in non-wired environments.

Ruckus is The Cisco Alternative that Answers All of Your Needs

Why invest all that time and money into fixing your Cisco wireless problems when on average, Ruckus WiFi solutions perform better with half the hardware and a fraction of the price?

  • Ease of Use – Powerful simple network management software, you don’t have to be an IT whiz to manage your wireless network.
  • Streamlined Technology – Each Ruckus Wireless system needs only a few components to work; it’s pluggable, able to mesh, and deployed dynamically.
  • Unmatched Reliability – Ruckus Wireless’ superior technology and advanced WiFi beamforming means you’ll never have a spotty signal again.
  • Affordability – Ruckus Wireless has a lower cost of ownership; it’s affordable, plus less hardware to maintain.

Ruckus products also come with lifetime warranties, illustrating the level of confidence and pride manufacturers have in their quality, engineering, and reliability. There’s not many other wireless technologies can make the same guarantee.

Need more proof? Learn how Ruckus outperforms Cisco and other competitors in Syracuse University’s CCENT Testing of High-Speed, Three-Stream WiFi Devices.

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