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New York City can be a tough town to network in. That’s especially true when it comes to WiFi, which can have a tough time making it in the Big City. If your WiFi technology isn’t flexible enough to adapt to the constantly changing, interference-heavy urban environment of Manhattan – it’s practically useless. But for Ruckus Wireless, navigating the streets of New York City is a piece of cake.

Ruckus Solutions Wireless In NYC

Smart Wireless Network Solutions for New York’s Biggest Urban WiFi Challenges

New York City can pose a particularly difficult urban WiFi challenge for most wireless network solutions, due to the nature of its composition. Ruckus Wireless technology can easily circumvent common urban WiFi issues that often undermine other technologies, such as:

Glass Windows >>

New York is world famous for its city architecture, and is at the forefront of modern office design. The city’s office buildings often include glass as a central design-element, but the glass actually reduces WiFi performance anywhere from 20-80%.

Interference >>

New Yorkers live and work in tight spaces. Unfortunately, WiFi signal is impacted not just by your own network, but also by your neighbors’ networks. Most WiFi systems can’t change their signal patterns to adapt to additional external interference, and must install additional access points to boost their own signal (ultimately creating more WiFi noise).

Old Buildings >>

Concrete is all but impenetrable for WiFi signals. Most wireless network solutions deal with this by simply installing more access points, because the technology can’t adapt to the building’s infrastructure. The alternative? Smarter technology that’s able to dynamically find the most efficient data pathways. Opt for quality, not quantity!

Employees On the Go >>

Structured internet cabling by itself isn’t enough to meet the needs of the New York’s modern workforce. Mobile devices, smart phones and cloud computing are together breaking down the barrier of fixed office space. Consequently, it is increasingly important to integrate wireless network design and planning into new office construction plans. It’s a guaranteed way to save money, especially in New York – where cable connections can cost close to $200 for each access point.

Population Density >>

Most NYC office and event space layouts aim to pack as many people as possible together, so as to make the best use of limited space. This is one of the biggest reasons WiFi performance often suffers at conferences and events. A good NYC wireless network solution should be able handle hundreds of simultaneous connections.

Troubleshooting Tools >>

Most NYC wireless network solutions come with hard-to-use troubleshooting software (or none at all!), which necessitate the use of third-party troubleshooting tools. This can drastically increase your network management expenses, not to mention complicating its administration.

For top-notch, location-centric NYC wireless network solutions, turn to Ruckus Solutions. As certified Ruckus Wireless partners, we can offer cutting edge urban WiFi technology and the highest quality customer service, all from a New York state of mind.

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