Ruckus WiFi Technology: Setup So Easy, Your Dog Could Do It.

With Ruckus®, you don’t need an IT specialist to set up or manage your wireless network; the system is all about ease of use.

the technology

All you’ll need to set up your own wireless network are a few ZoneFlex™ access points (APs) and a Ruckus ZoneDirector™ controller. Configuration is as simple as plugging the ZoneDirector in, answering a few questions on a wizard within a web browser, and connecting the APs as you need them. The components discover each other automatically, and once the AP is configured all you need to do is plug it into a power outlet.

If you’d like to create a mesh wireless network to extend your range without configuring additional APs, it’s as easy as checking a box within the Wizard!

Ruckus Wireless Technology Is Tops.

And they’ve got awards to prove it.

The Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex™ Smart WiFi system provides stronger signals, larger coverage areas, and more consistent performance than other wireless technologies. How? With WiFi technology that dynamically seeks out the path of least resistance in every environment, ensuring strong, consistent signals. Ruckus BeamFlex™ technology configures these signals on a per-station, per-packet basis for the most efficient distribution of coverage possible.

Another technology trick up our sleeve: beamforming. Ruckus Wireless access points have the ability to directly focus WiFi signals towards wireless clients once they’re detected, reinforcing signal paths in high-interference or low-service areas. The WiFi beamforming process keeps track of where each device is located in relation to an access point, and shifts the beam to stay focused.

It’s Easy on the Wallet.

Ruckus Wireless technology can deliver scalable, premium performance that’s ideally priced for the needs of small to medium sized businesses or public institutions. Cost of ownership is a fraction of the cost of conventional alternatives, thanks to:

  • Powerful WiFi technology, which means you need fewer access points to maintain the same level of service.
  • An effortless network management system, meaning that you won’t expend extra costs in management, deployment or training.


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