Trade Show Internet Service Provider

Internet WiFi service for trade shows, conferences and conventions

Ruckus Solutions is the prime trade show internet service provider in New York City and the tri-state locale. We have supplied many trade show and conferences with WiFi internet and are experienced with multiple event spaces.

We provide ideal trade show WiFi Services:

As a means to ease your mind we offer on-site assistance to assure that the wireless network performs uninterrupted at optimal speeds. Aside from our certified network engineers we also offer an onsite helpdesk, for any and all technical support.

Our enterprise level equipment was designed for densely populated environments, able to easily support thousands of connections and is fully customizable. Our gateway enables end users to personalize their WiFi network, and not only capture priceless real-time information, but allows you to make use of captured information to market certain products and advertisements to crowds and individuals.

As a Trade Show WiFi Provider, we wouldn’t boast if we didn’t offer extra benefits for your event:

Ruckus® Smart Wireless LAN system sets up in moments, and the installation process is as simple as connecting an AP. Older structures as well as residential properties do not call for any kind of retrofitting.

With wireless capabilities you can configure your event WiFi system from anywhere, whether you're in the nation or around the world, a handy tool for any last minute changes.

Additionally each Smart WiFi access point assists approximately 8 separate WiFi networks, implying you could concurrently provide different connections for different event groups.

We will help you save on your next event:

The Ruckus family values you, the customer, so much that not only do we want to deliver stable, high-speed WiFi, but we want to make sure you aren’t breaking the bank to receive the quality that you deserve. In order to make sure you get the bang that your bucks deserve, we make full use of our gateways ability to produce hundreds of network user reports. With these reports we are more accurately able to pinpoint how much bandwidth is necessary, where to direct specific data, and most importantly keep you happy while making a Ruckus!