Providing WiFi for Events Has Never Been Easier

Ruckus Solutions is the premiere event WiFi and wireless internet provider in New York City and the tri-state area. We have provided support for numerous types of events and are experienced with multiple event spaces. Be it a trade show, conference, fair or any other type of large gathering, indoors or outdoors, the demand for a reliable wireless network remains consistent throughout. Event guests require a reliable internet connection now more than ever, especially in large event halls where 3G or 4G coverage can be undependable at best.

We are an experienced wireless internet provider for events who can guarantee secure, swift and flawless delivery of temporary WiFi internet service for your guests, exhibitors and more.

wifi solutions for events

Our Event WiFi Solutions Are Ideal For:

  • Conferences and conventions
  • Trade shows
  • Event spaces
  • Temporary events
  • Pop-up shops
  • Outdoor and Indoor events
  • Events with hundreds or even thousands of attendees
  • Breakout sessions or workshops where attendees will require dedicated internet access
  • Dead zone event spaces
  • Any event requiring short term internet service

Event Managers, You've Found Your Savior

WiFi is often overlooked when it comes to setting up and planning events. Events that may rely heavily on wireless network access for their guests and exhibitors often aren’t budgeted, planned or composed properly, which can be a major inconvenience for the event planning commitee and everyone else involved. A sturdy network starts with Ruckus Solutions. We are recognized citywide as a leading provider of WiFi internet solutions for conferences, trade shows, large open spaces and outdoor events of all sizes. Whether your venue is at a well-known event space or in a tent in the middle of an island, Ruckus Solutions can guarantee a fully functional guest WiFi network and leave you with one less issue to worry about.

As a leading event WiFi provider in the metropolitan area, we understand the issues facing event managers when setting up WiFi for events. Having seen it all, we created this short and informative video to make the life of event managers just a tiny bit easier. 

Setting Up WiFi for Events, Quick Tips For Event Planners.


WiFi at Events: 7 Tips for Event Organizers

Services Provided For Events

Network Consulting Services

  • Your event venue might already have internet or WiFi, and that’s awesome, but does it have the correct internet or WiFi to meet your needs? If WiFi is critical at your event and it proves disappointing, attendees won’t think twice before letting their discontent out on through various channels. We can help you assess your venue’s network infrastructure to see if it meets your needs.

Bandwidth Sourcing

  • Do you need more bandwidth than what your venue can provide? We have established relationships with several bandwidth providers and can help you procure the necessary amount without charging you an arm and a leg.

Wired and Wireless Network Design and Deployment

  • What we do best. We’ll design and deploy your network to meet your unique needs, regardless of the event venue. Indoor or outdoor venues are not a problem; we can set up wireless mesh networks that won’t require any wired connections besides power. We set up Ethernet drops, VLANs, firewall, switches and can even separate bandwidth sources based on event requirements (i.e. connection with SLA to be used for registration and merchant terminals, non-SLA connections for admin use).

On-Site Support and Reporting

  • Need peace of mind during your event? We can provide on-site support staff as an extra guarantee that the wireless network will not fail. In addition to that, we can provide live reporting during the event to show you how many devices are connected, types of devices that are connected, the most popular areas for connection within the venue and more.

Branding and Marketing

  • WiFi is not just a technology game anymore; marketing has infiltrated the wireless internet world. Branding over WiFi creates a great opportunity to reach your end-users using an untapped channel. Exposure is guaranteed and providing targeted content to users who are at a specific location by choice will only lead to positive turnaround. Custom portals can be setup to feature branded promotional materials, data capture fields, and media available for download exclusively over the event WiFi network. 

Top 5 Benefits of Ruckus Wireless Solutions

  • Expedited Setup - Ruckus® Smart Wireless LAN system configures in just minutes, and installation is as easy as plugging in an access point. Older properties and buildings do not require any retrofitting.
  • Uninterrupted Multimedia Streaming - Ruckus® WiFi systems enable latency-sensitive applications to be transmitted in real time, so there’s no flicker or static in your video and voice transmissions, even with hundreds of active connections at once.
  • Tiered WiFi Services - Each Smart WiFi access point supports up to 8 individual WiFi networks, meaning you can simultaneously deliver separate connections for event guests, event admins, and dedicated bandwidth for events sponsors.
  • Control Remotely - Configure your conference WiFi system from anywhere, whether you’re across the country or across the globe.
  • Indoor and Outdoor WiFi Capability - With SmartMesh wireless meshing technology, event organizers don’t need to run Ethernet cables to every access point. Coverage can simply be extended with outdoor mesh access points.

Deploying WiFi for events and event spaces can be notoriously difficult to manage, but not with Ruckus Solutions. Our Wireless ZoneFlex™ Smart WiFi system delivers resilient signals, greater coverage areas, and more consistent performance than any other wireless technologies. Best of all, it’s easy on the wallet too.

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