Managed Internet for NYC Event Venues

Internet and Wireless Solutions for Event Spaces

Event venues of NYC, are you properly equipped to meet the needs of your clients? Are you able to provide business class bandwidth with speed up to 1gbps on demand? Is your network infrastructure capable of supporting the growing demands of event producers and guests alike? Ruckus Solutions is a managed event service provider designed to help event venues position themselves as industry leaders by revolutionizing the delivery and management of wired and wireless internet.

Event Solutions for your Wireless Needs

Event spaces of all shapes and sizes understand the growing demand for internet and wireless capabilities. Event internet solutions are unique for every event and preparing your venue to support every client’s needs can break the bank and requires high-level technical expertise to purchase, configure, and manage network infrastructure on a per event basis. As an event venue owner or manager, ask yourself this:

  • Are your wireless access points positioned properly to allow optimal coverage in all areas requiring wireless service?

  • Are your wireless access points dual-band and can they support the vast array of equipment your clients and their guests are bound to bring in?

  • Does your venue’s Ethernet cabling meet all performance requirements?

  • Are you able to offer various bandwidth packages to support both minimal admin use and larger more dedicated needs?

  • Do you have a network gateway that’s built to maintain security and network integrity?

If the answer to any of these questions is “no” then you’re missing out on thousands of dollars in yearly revenue because you cannot meet the internet demands of today’s tech centered events.

Save Thousands with Managed Event Services from Ruckus Solutions

Stop wasting money on bandwidth and dated wireless equipment! Ruckus Solutions will upgrade all of your venue’s equipment, take over your ISP contract, and work directly with your clients to deliver custom tailored internet and wireless solutions to meet the unique needs of every event. We’ll wire your venue with CAT6 Ethernet cable and deploy dual-band enterprise grade access points to support legacy devices and all newly released smart phones, tablets, laptops, and other wireless enabled devices. As the venue owner, you simply sit back and watch the revenue roll in as your venue becomes an industry leader in internet capabilities for event spaces.  

Call us today and find out how your event venue can be transformed to support larger, tech-centric and more profitable events with absolutely no financial investment.