Medium And Small Business Wireless Solutions That Work.

Everyday more and more corporate offices need wireless service that is strong, stable, and most of all – smart. That means better coverage, higher capacity, and guaranteed reliability. Ruckus® Wireless solutions offer all the benefits of a high-end corporate WLAN in a slimmer, simpler, and more affordable system. Plus, it’s a breeze to deploy and manage, so IT professionals will be able to spend their valuable time solving real problems.

Ruckus Solutions Small Business

Our Small Business Wireless Solutions Are Ideal For:

  • Small and mid-size businesses (SMEs)
  • Office buildings and Business centers
  • Commercial buildings
  • Property management
  • Residential buildings
  • Housing projects
  • Medical offices
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee shops
  • Retail locations looking to break away from traditional wired connections or that are looking to offer an extra incentive to their client base

Ruckus Small Business Wireless Network Solutions

With the ZoneFlex™ adaptive Smart WLAN system from Ruckus, NYC businesses can enjoy ultimate power and effortless simplicity at once.

  • “Effortless everything” means that ZoneFlex™ is pluggable, able to mesh, easy to install, configure, or scale. Less fiddling, more using.
  • A genius kind of WiFi means you have the benefit of automatic everything: optimum signal path selection, interference avoidance, and RF coordination, so that no matter how many times you rearrange the office, your WiFi will work the same.
  • Bang for your buck! Offices get all the functionality (and then some) of high-end systems like Cisco and Aruba with fewer access points and less management needed. That means affordable prices.
  • Local support for your NYC business from our team at GGGroup. We’ll install the system, show you how to work with it, and we’re on call here in NYC making us available for whatever questions you may have.

The scalable, secure, and simple-to-use Ruckus® small business wireless networking platform is perfect for the corporate Manhattan office that requires a robust wireless network system. You’ll get top notch performance, effortless usage, and the support of a team that really knows the ins and outs of wireless networking in New York City. 

How can SMEs deploy a centrally managed wireless LAN without going broke or crazy? Smarter Wireless LANs with Better Range and Reliability but without the Cost and Complexity


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