Temporary WiFi for New York Events

Temporary Internet WiFi Solutions for Events

Ruckus Solutions is the premium event WiFi and wireless internet provider in New York City and the surrounding tri-state area. Having provided temporary wireless support for a variety of events of and of spaces, Ruckus never fails to provide a consistent reliable wireless network no matter the venue.

We provide optimal Temporary WiFi Services:

WiFi is overlooked when it comes to event planning, but the proper amount of WiFi can make or break an event. Determining your WiFi needs can be a hassle, but here at Ruckus Solutions, we’re equipped to provide you with the ideal temporary event WiFi, leaving you with one less hassle to worry about.

Recognized as the leading provider of event WiFi for conferences, trade shows, large open spaces, and other events in need of short term wifi, Even with hundreds of active connections at once Ruckus ensures reliable connectivity. Ruckus® WiFi systems enable latency-sensitive applications to be transmitted in real time, so there’s no flicker or static in your video and voice transmissions.

Getting You What You Need

Unsure of the wireless needs of your event? Ruckus Solutions provides superior network consulting services. Our team will help assess your venues current infrastructure to determine your short term Bandwidth needs.

Once your WiFi needs are assessed, we are fully committed to ensure that they are fully met. Ruckus Solutions will tailor our services to properly meet your needs.

 Do you need more bandwidth than what your venue currently offers? Using our connections of multiple bandwidth providers, Ruckus Solutions can assist in procuring the temporary bandwidth you need, all at an affordable price.

Benefits of Ruckus Temporary Wireless Solutions

Think setting up temporary WiFi is complicated? Think again. Believe it or not, the installation process is just as simple as connecting an Access Point. Due to our SmartMesh wireless technology, there’s no need to run Ethernet cables to every access point, saving you time and money. Our expedited setup means that the Ruckus® Smart Wireless LAN system is up and running in mere minutes. By delivering resilient signals, great coverage areas, and consistent performances at prices to fit your budget, Ruckus Solutions can’t be beat.