"I've worked for 30 years in operations and am always looking for ways to deliver an edge via technology. Our business platform runs on iPads that need to communicate wirelessly in challenging environments. Since we're in event management, we usually have little time for setup or ability to modify infrastructure. We bring a WiFi network with us.

We had used consumer WiFi equipment but experienced performance problems when we hit about 20 users and had no way to troubleshoot the bottlenecks. My research led me to Ruckus, who referred me to both Ruckus Solutions and Cisco. I called them both on a Friday afternoon prior to a Tuesday event. Ruckus Solutions met me on Monday for a site survey and delivered a completely configured system for the event the next day.

Cisco called about six weeks later but I told them not to bother, I'm all set. Now we use Ruckus Wireless at our events and never worry about our WiFi."

- Todd Wiener, Chief Executive Officer