WiFi Solutions for Outdoor Events

The Big Apple’s Core in Outdoor Event WiFi

When the topic is outdoor events in New York City, it boils down to one thing, WiFi access. Regardless of the venue, event, time, or day one thing's for certain...your guests will want to connect, posts pictures, document on Twitter, and update their Facebook status. If there’s no connection, then chances are the event will be a disaster, with less than happy critics.

Providing WiFi for Outdoor Events is notoriously problematic to manage, but not with Ruckus Solutions!

Our Temporary Outdoor Internet WiFi Solutions Are Ideal For:

  • Temporary events

  • Pop-up shops

  • Temporary Outdoor and Indoor events

  • Events with hundreds and thousands of attendees

  • Dead zone event spaces

  • Any event requiring short term internet bandwidth

Even in an outdoor tent in the middle of an isolated island, Ruckus ensures a completely reliable WiFi network and with SmartMesh wireless technology we eliminate the need of running ethernet cables to every AP, granting extended coverage in open spaces, and eliminating the need to worry about extension cords or other clutter causing cables.

Ruckus provides a consistent reliable wireless network no matter the location

As your WiFi supplier, we will assist you in reviewing each bandwidth alternative, considering dependability, speed, and pricing in order to identify the most effective short-term option that will best match your networking needs.

When it comes to outdoor event WiFi, Ruckus is here for you rain or shine!