Give New Yorkers What They Want: WiFi Where They Need It

If you’d like to create a public WiFi hotspot for your retail location, restaurant, or organization, Ruckus Smart Wifi Hotspot solutions are the answer.

Ruckus Solutions Hotspots

We can provide Wifi hotspot installation and management services for your business, giving you the benefits of:

  • Lower cost of ownership, since fewer access points are needed to cover the entire area
  • Connectivity capabilities over longer ranges
  • Automatic interference avoidance
  • 3G data traffic offloading capability
  • Multimedia streaming support
  • Scalability for your business with SmartMesh networking options
  • More consistent, reliable WiFi signals and enhanced guest experience

In New York City, many businesses have recognized the benefits of offering WiFi hotspot accessibility to their customers. But why not offer Smart WiFi hotspot service that’s a cut above?

Affordable Ruckus WiFi Hotspot Solutions Outshine All Other Services

Carrier-class RuckusWireless hotspot solutions are incredibly easy to deploy and manage, and bring the benefit of a robust network with solid reliability for hundreds of simultaneous users, if needed. The best part? You can slim down your hardware needs with Ruckus® Smart WiFi Hotspot solutions, which means you’ll get superior wireless connectivity at affordable prices.

Plus with Ruckus®, WiFi hotspot management is a breeze. Control all your access points through a single interface, without the need for constant IT support. Advanced functions like meshing and bandsteering are easy to manage within the hotspot management system, which only requires a tick in a checkbox to turn them on.

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